Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Love To Lie.

I love to lie. I can't help it, I just do. I lie everyday. And I'm sure most of you do, too.

My favorite way to lie: Makeup.

Seriously. The world cannot handle me without it. Eye circles, blemishes... The the whole shebang. It's scary. **shudders** I need to issue a public apology to people I run into at the grocery store.

My second favorite lie: Haircolor.

I cannot go around looking like the Bride of Frankenstein with my "wisdom highlights" that seem to have taken over my head. I know people are all about scary stuff these days. Look at how many horror movies there are. But it's a whole new breed of scary when you shriek as you look in the mirror due to a serious WTH moment. People freaking you out: ok.
Freaking yourself out due to OMG hair: not allowed.
I think I need to compose an open letter to the gray hair factory, because if you HAVE to have them, can't they at least match the rest of your hair? What is with the straight hair and the corkscrew grays?! No matchy, not good.

Another fave lie: Push up bras.

Back before the motherhood gods smiled upon me, the only chance of busty I had was to stand in front of the freezer for a bit. A bit of removable boobage was the only thing keeping me from looking like Justin Bieber. When I first married, JD was like, "That is such a gyp!" Thank you, dear. Is it my fault that when the order for me was placed that the plumpness was added doubly to the backend? Um, no. Double order of butt was not really what I ordered. So what if my boobs would hang on the doorknob when the day was over? I could at least strap those puppies on in the morning. The likelihood of them hitting my knees when I was 35 was minimal, and you have the option of various colors. And no back aches, not a bad deal. It took me 25 years to finally get boobs. Another reason, aside from tax season, that I love my kids.

So are you a liar, too? If you say no, I know that's a lie.

What are some of your favorite personal lies?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Granny Update

Thanks for the prayers, guys. Seriously.

Well, here's what I know so far.

It was a reaction.

There was no stroke. 

Morphine makes her think everyone is out to kill her.

Today was my parents' anniversary and they spent it apart. 

She still has to have another surgery on her leg to close up another surgery when she had a pump inserted to drain off fluid build-up. 

She was supposed to leave the hospital and go into rehab next week. Now I'm not sure of when she'd leave.

I know she'd better hurry up and get well. 
I miss her and need to hug her.

Granny and Smee

Granny and all the heathens.

Prayers Please

I just got a call from my Mom saying Granny is having what looks to be an adverse reaction to some medication in the hospital. She was talking to the nurse, suddenly went rigid, and started saying, "Call my son. Call my son." Then, stopped responding when spoken to. The nurse immediately called my Dad,  held the phone down to her so he could talk to her, thinking if he spoke to her, she would respond. She hasn't. She's making sounds like a yipping dog and not talking. Her mother had a similar reaction when she was in the hospital and they thought she was dying, stopped the medicine, and she snapped out of it.

My Dad is on the way to Dallas right now. It'll take at least 2 hours for him to get there and probably more time for him to actually find out something. I'm just trying to get prayers going for both of them before I head out to work. So I wanted to jot a quick note to you guys, asking you for prayers.

Sadly, I'll be unable to update until around 9 this evening, since that's when I get home.

Thank you so much for your prayers. You don't know what they mean to us.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Hola and happy freaky Friday, my friends.

How's this new month treating you?

So far, March has been ... interesting.

We've been back-to-back calls  for 4 straight days and I really don't like it. But the time does fly.We're talking so back-to-back, you have time to close one call, say goodbye, save their information, and *BEEP!* you're on another call. This can go on for hours at times. I've been told it used to be like that ALL.DAY.LONG. Oh, hayell no. I would tear every hair out of my head.

I also was called a name for the first time in my Customer Service Representative career. I kind of feel like I'm a part of the in-crowd now.

Granny Update

Granny wound up having a bypass on Tuesday and she came through it really well considering everything that's gone on. (She's 84, she's had to have them open several blockages in the same artery, she's also had internal bleeding in the leg they did not expect to stop, and she has the Give-Ups really bad)  She will probably leave the hospital next Tuesday (until her pain is under complete control) and be moved to a rehab hospital for a week or so. I'm glad they aren't just tossing her out at home. I'm pretty sure, haven't heard for certain, that they used one of her arteries in her other leg to bypass the blockage, so that means she's been temporarily lamed for a while. I told her that she had people all over the world praying for her and she liked that. We aren't giving up on her. So now if we can keep her from giving up on herself... therein lies the trick. Thankyouthankyouthankyou so much for your thoughts and prayers for her this week. My whole family appreciates it so much.

I'm thinking of re-vamping my place here, so you might show up to something new. Consider yourself warned.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

And I Thought My Problems Were Bad...

This poor family... my stuff is just minor compared with what they're going through. Please, please, please send prayers for them and little Lucy.

Be back tomorrow with updates.