Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Thing Called Blog..

Lately, I just can't handle it.

And I apologize for not popping on here and saying something for 2 weeks. This month has been crap. I hope March is better.

Quick update:
I wound up not going to Tessa's funeral. The person I was going to go with wound up not going and I didn't want to go myself since I didn't know her personally, and come to find out, Tattoo Girl went and made a big boo-hooey scene. Thankfully, I wasn't there or I would not have been able to control myself from flying over on her and taking her down to the ground in front of everyone and their dog. She has me pretty riled with this whole Andrew ordeal and she can't seem to shut up.

Work is good. Got a raise this weekend. WOOHOO!! 4 whole cents, but hey, I'm glad. It'll add up!!!

Also took a 3-day weekend this weekend for me berfday. Rock-on 29!!! Which is going to be my last birthday for a while. I'll just hang out at 29 for a few years... like maybe 50. So far it's worked for my Granny. She's been 29 and holding since I can remember.

Speaking of my Granny, please keep her in your prayers. She had surgery yesterday (the 5th or 6th one) to re-open the artery in her leg. It was 100% blocked all the way up to her thigh. There's a chance that she'll eventually lose her leg, and that would honestly, just kill her. She's already told the doctor she doesn't want to live without her leg. So, the next step is to run lots and lots of tests on her other leg, checking the veins to see if they can take one of those and use it in the other leg, test her heart, and various other tests. Possibly by next Thursday (at the soonest) they'll try the by-pass. This will be the 2nd one on the same leg. This is really hard on my dad. He's an only child and his dad passed away when I was 2. So please keep them in your prayers.

This is my first Saturday off since Training ended back in December. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. I think I'll actually try to finish the huge office-toolroom rearrange. Then my office will be suitable for recording again. Right now it's reaaaaalllllly bad. That would be why there hasn't been any music posted as of late.

Our anniversary is actually next week on the 2nd. I couldn't get the day off, but I thought we might try to celebrate by going out for some Whataburger. That's where we went for our first date waaaaaaay back in 1999.

So we date like it's 1999. We sit in the same booth and make goo-goo eyes at each other.

Well, I make goo-goo eyes and he tells me, "Stop it, you're weirding me out."

And I tell him, "It's because I wuuuuv yoooou."

And then his jalapeno cheeseburger becomes really interesting.

**Sigh** I don't know why we don't go out more often.

A Favor to ask since you're my super duper buddies.

I am gadget obsessed, yet gadget illiterate. I'm wanting to get a tablet/e-reader for not a lot of $. The iPad is the actual thing I'm wanting, but that ain't gonna happen unless I get a certified letter in the mail saying that I'm actually one of Bill Gates love-children and they will pay me millions for my silence. I'd ask them to pop in a new Windows phone, too. I have a big mouth.

So what I'm looking at is this tablet and this tablet.

All you gadget fanatics, please let me know what you think is the best one. Reviews are a buttpain since everyone seems to want to compare to the iPad. Me, I just want to be able to read books on it, check my blogs, do Facebook, and possibly check the weather. I'm really liking the Velocity since it already has the Kindle app on it. I don't know what to think about the PanDigital because I don't know about the Barnes and Noble store. Let me know what you think would be the best fit for me. OR even toss another one on there if you think it'd be better.

Another favor....

For my birthday, I want to you head over to The Empress's place. This is her blogaversary!!!!! If you haven't seen her place before, GO! If you've been there, GO BACK! Stop by and give her love and help her celebrate! Tell her I told you to go. I'm bossy that way.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I've missed you bunches. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday when I got to work I heard a rumor that Andrew had been up there. (If you're new here, check this post out.) So when my break time came I nearly ran over people to get to the other side of the building to see if this was truth.

It was.

I had just missed him.

But he had his dad bring him up to work yesterday to "let everyone know he's okay."

That kid. **shakes head**

It seems that his injuries include one of his eyes being swelled shut, some facial fractures, lacerations and bruising on face and arms, and a fractured foot. A true miracle that he's alive as bad as the pictures were.

Tessa's funeral is today and I'm going to go. I think my friend Tammy and I are the only ones from work that are going to be able to go. I'm going to be a mess, it's just a given. If I'm around crying people, I'm like an emotional sponge and I'll soak up their sadness and explode it all over. But I'd like to go in support of Andrew. I will be taking kleenex.

But I wanted to give you guys an update and thank you for your prayers. I know I appreciate them and I know the families need as many prayers as they can get.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Crappy Valentines Day

Got to work today to find out that one of my good friends and practically my little brother, Andrew, was in a head-on collision last night. I don't really know the extent of his injuries, but seeing the truck, I'm sure they're not great.

And his girlfriend, Tessa, the love of his life, was killed.

All at the hands of a drunk driver.

A man who had 3...count 'em 3... DWIs on his record.

This man with 3 DWIs on his record has now ruined the life of an 18 yr. old boy and shattered the life of the family of a 16 yr. old girl, while he lies in a hospital bed with critical injuries of his own. All due to tossing some cold ones back and hopping in the car.

To make matters worse, as if they could get any worse, Andrew doesn't know about Tessa yet, as he's going through multiple surgeries himself. The doctors don't want him to lose the will to live.

He is awake and talking. Talking about Tessa, asking about her, where she is, how she is.

Putting others above himself, as always.

Andrew, Tessa's knight in shining armor, healing in the hospital while his princess awaits her cold sleeping place.

Friends, please take your loved ones today and everyday, take them in your arms, smother them with kisses and tell them you love them even if they think its gross, awkward, or even weird. You never know when something will come and smash your happiness apart. It might come in the shape of a careless driver in a van fueled by gasoline and alcohol.

I love you guys. 
Happy crappy Valentines Day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Blog Will Soon Return to It's Scheduled Fodder

Due to bad weather, 360's on the ice (But everything's okay, promise.), a birthday, part doux of the wintery bonanza of icy roads, leaving me to stay at a hotel in town: we will soon be returning to our regularly scheduled blog fodder. 
We do apologize for the interruption.

Hope you guys are all safe and warm.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Well... I'm still stuck at home.
But it's Friday, so technically I didn't have to call in today and that's a plus.

There's the sound of ice falling off the house, glory, hallelujah! Because it's getting to the point where I could rent out my driveway as the latest and greatest ice skating rink.

My kids are suffering from cabin fever. And JD is just suffering. You'll see why below.
My dogs and I are gassy. Me, from the beans and cornbread we ate yesterday.
(Note to self: To save family members, DO NOT forget to add the potato to the beans while cooking.)
Them, from heaven knows what. But it ain't good.
A plus though... all my nose hairs have been burned off. Saves me from that nasty eye-watering plucking.

I'm exceedingly glad we had toilet paper. I really didn't want to have to go in with frostbite on my rectum 3 weeks before my birthday.
I'm having visions of being called "The Black Hole" for the rest of my life, if that had happened.
We did not have this conversation. **Jedi Mind Power**

And speaking of birthdays... Smee will be 5 on Sunday. (How can this be?!?!)
And I was going to take him on a "date" today to let him pick out a new pair of shoes and a couple of outfits and take him out for ice cream at Braum's.

But that has had to be postponed.
And you know what that means?

I have my child no presents for his 5th birthday.

I am a horrid mother.
I DO have stuff to make a cake, though. So, I guess that means I suck marginally less.
But really, it makes me mad that I didn't get him anything.
Things have kind of come round in a strange circle. 5 years ago, I was in the hospital on Super Bowl Sunday when the Patriots were playing the Packers, and once again, the Packers are playing. Strange. And now I have the urge to eat a bunch of cheese.

I've heard that it has been snowing in other areas around and that really makes me want to throw a screaming, kicking fit.
I have a 4 year old, I do know how this is done. I've been trained very, very well in screaming fits.
I'm still concerned I'll be fired. I've had to call in 3 days straight.
But each time I have an excused absence. So in the scales of justice, I don't really know where that lands me.
I did mention my concern to the attendance people and they said I wouldn't be fired, but I know sometimes they'll pull something from left-field on you and bomb you with it right when you think everything's okay. Oh, the positivity!!!
I'm going to try to get in Saturday. Nothing says awesome like worrying about your job and getting a check for 2 days worth of work right when the bills are due.

Well, it is what it is. What comes is what comes. We'll just take it in stride.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

there was a girl
and some boys
who lived waaaaay out in the country.
The girl got a nice job that she really enjoyed
and it made the whole family super happy.

Until one day, this happened.

And the girl couldn't go to work.

She was left hoping and praying for a happy ending. 

I hate ice.