Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fa la la la la And All That Jazz

My favorite Christmas carol EVER.

Totally disregard the tools in the background. One of these days we will have JD his own tool area, but this was not that day. And the reason this is my hands and not my face... let's just say this day hair and face were not up to the same level as the voice. Nothing more needs to be said. So, ignore tools in the background and think Christmas-y thoughts. Amen.

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

O Holy Night from Alisha J on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yo, yo, yo, Home Diggety.

Made it through another week.

Officially, I am OUT of training and tossed like a guppy into the shark pond. Yes, I'm still nervous. And yes, people make fun of me for being nervous. That, and I have my cube COVERED in neon Post-Its to remind me where to find things and what to say. I also get razzed about filling nearly 3 legal pads of notes. They say I have written down every word ever spoken in training and that I should feel fine about it.
I do not feel fine about it. I'm just waiting for them to come up with a box and walk me out due to sheer stupidity. I am confident... that I am not great. But, let's celebrate mediocrity! Wooo hoo!!

We moved up to our managers and our official desks yesterday. I was so nervous I had to go pee approximately 254 times yesterday. Trying to set a good impression, you know. Thank God, my desk is about 10 ft. from the bathroom!

One really stinky factor: All my friends that I've eaten lunch and had breaks with everyday for the past 2 months, we all have conflicting schedules and will hardly ever see each other starting in January! And I was going to carpool with one. That totally stinks. We all went around yesterday, sniffing and moaning about how bad we're going to miss each other. Felt kind of like graduating high school, where you are leaving everyone you know, love, and trust, and being tossed back to the first day of Kindergarten again, where you're in a strange environment and you know NO ONE.

News on Tattoo Girl: Oh lawsy.... **facepalms** Girlfriend is going to get her little butt fired if she doesn't quit pulling these stunts:
  • Trying to show someone the peace sign (Yes, THE peace sign) IN the flesh, IN the call center to another rep (Female rep, thank heavens). **facepalms**
  • Talking to EVERYONE about stripping/lapdancing/money in the Tri-State Area.
  • Telling everyone in massive detail about shaving her head, tattooing it, amongst OTHER areas. Let's just say THE peace sign won't be lonely. Eek. 
  • Touching people and lifting or pulling their clothes aside to see their tattoos.
  • And my personal fave... letting a pimp pay $50 (his bill was way more than that) to turn on his phone, (who really wasn't eligible for payment plans), while telling a customer, who had been with us for 10+ yrs, she couldn't turn her service on.  
I am really scared to even be seen with her because I'm scared of getting fired by association! Girlfriend takes waaaaaaaay too many pills and is stoned out of her gourd every day. Me, I take Advil when I can't beat the headache and it's making me cranky. But I will pee in a cup freely if asked.

Okay... enough work talk. It's my day off!

Here's different variations of the new hair:

The Rocker Chick 
(which I pretty much wear 90% of the time)

Bieber's Nerdy Sister
(AKA Day Off Hair)

And The In-Between
This was one of those "just happened" hairstyles.

Here are some pics of the kiddos taken the other day. 
The kiddos that love me.
And miss me.
And wish I were still home.
Daddy's meaner than you, Mom, and we miss you.

Awww... I nearly teared up there for a second before I laughed my head off.
Boo hoo, Laughing Boy. We're letting the male sex see what mamas handle. 
And it ain't pretty.

Not really sure if Smee's pulling a glamour pose, or an "I'm gonna drop my elbow right into your spleen, Dad!"
But knowing him, I'm going to say B.

They're getting so big! This is not allowed!

Here's Mo. Lately it is such a JOB to get him to look at the camera!
Maybe because my camera flashes approximately 6524 times before it actually TAKES the picture. 
(Do you hear me, Santa? Mama needs a new camera and she sure wouldn't turn down an SLR *wink, wink*)

So the other night, we hear Smee up and around after he'd been asleep for awhile. So, JD tells me "Hey, take your camera and check on him because I bet he's asleep on the toilet."

He wasn't in the bathroom.
Wasn't in his bedroom.
Wasn't on the couch.
All his usual haunts.

Just when I was getting concerned, I found him.
 Sleeping on the kitchen rug right in front of the sink.... with no pants on, bare butt sticking straight up.
I actually took this picture, not realizing his butt was shining, so it's edited. JD is the one that told me he didn't have any pants on when he came back from putting him back in bed, WITH pants.
Me and Smee. Me beebee... with the gigantor cranium.
Goob and Mom
Everyone has always said "Oh, he looks just like you!" 
I never actually noticed til this picture.
Then, it was like "Okay. I did birth my twin"
We look the same, act the same, and get the giggles just talking to each other. Crazy. It's mini-me as a boy. Oh, and if I were a boy, I'd totally rock the mohawk, too.

And Mom and Mo.
**shakes head**
Such a nut.

 That's all for now, peeps! 
May have a surprise for ya tomorrow.