Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prayers Please

In the morning at 7 AM, my mom will be undergoing surgery. Of what persuasion, I will not divulge,(for your own safety), only to say that it is lower abdominal and to put things back where they need to be, and that it's really 3 surgeries in 1.

Please pray for her. The procedure is not that risky, it's the recovery that will be awful and I mean awwwwwwwwwwwwful. She'll be down at least 6 weeks afterward. And my blogging will probably be non-existant in this time since I have demanded that I will help her since we're less than a mile away and it only makes sense that I do because the last time she had completely-lay-you-open-surgery was when I was a little kid.

I thank you guys for the prayers and I will update you as soon as I find out anything. I'll be up there at the hospital with Dad in the morning. I know I can count on you! :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back in Action

Well, I got blasted by one of those stinky viruses and was outta commission for a few days. BUT I have beat the snot out of it and I'm back.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Check This Out, Homeschoolin' Mamas! Rosetta Stone Giveaway!

Over at they are *wait for it....*

GIVING AWAY Rosetta Stone software!


I don't know if anyone else is dying to add this to their library as much as I am, but if you are, here's your chance.



F to tha R to tha E, E, E!

AND as if Free wasn't persuasive enough.... you can take a trip to Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona with Homeschoolers from all over the US! It's NOT free, but still, that would be pretty awesome!

**Double Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!**

Take a gander at this!

Surround your family with language. By taking them there!

Travel to Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona with Homeschoolers from all over the United States. Join Rosetta Stone Homeschool, Heart of the Matter and Fusefly on the inaugural Homeschool Language Learning and Networking Trip August 2-11, 2010. Become immersed in new lands, explore history, culture, art and community. And truly speak to the world. For more details visit

Hurry, registration for the trip ends February 15, 2010.
For your chance to win a Rosetta Stone language product, please visit
Heart of the Matter. Entries are being accepted until February 1st

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wonderful, Wonderful Words

Okay... just so we are all on the same page here, I'm going to come clean about something.

I am not a short, concise writer.

Short, kind of.

Concise, no.

Writer? Well... that depends on how much I've paid you to call me one.

I mean, I get to the point, but it takes lines and lines of alliterations, blahbiddy bloo, and fluff.

Why? I don't know other than maybe I don't like my thoughts to be naked? Not really sure.


JD is applying for a new (really nice!!! Please pray he gets it!) job and they are asking for a cover letter.

A *coughs* short cover letter.

I'm supposed to help him with it.

*smashes face on desk*

Here are the differences between our writing styles.


Hello, I am interested in this job. I am a man. I like work. I will do a good job. Hire me.


Dear Highly Esteemed Sir or Madam In Charge of the Hiring of This Certain Position:

I am very interested in this job, and I will be listing the traits that I have that I believe to be very valuable in obtaining and performing the duties listed and needed in the previously mentioned above job.

Pretend this goes on with the World's Longest Run On Sentences.

Also, pretend that wrapped up in the World's Longest Run On Sentences, that some very sad attempts at generic, brown-nosing humor were added. For good measure. In my mind. You know the kind of remarks, answered with that very neutral laughter, usually followed by a comment of "Oh! Look at the time! My pet giraffe is at the groomer's. It's time to pick her up! It was SO nice seeing you!"

My sad, very word-filled, little mind.

I think I actually did have some sense!

But the words ate it.

Hungry words. Words waiting to hop out of me, either via blogging, speaking, or writing. Excited words ready to jump out and do a do-si-do across a screen or tablet. Words. Wonderful words. Words used to fill up space and annoy concise, to-the-point people with their exaggerations, descriptions, and cliches.

I actually wrote the letter, deleted, re-wrote, deleted, re-wrote.... over and over and over all day yesterday. (We eventually got it all finished up ***HUUUUGE thanks, Carrie!!!!! He was mucho impressed!*** and sent off last night. Now we're just chewing our nails up to our elbows waiting.)

So, am I alone in this problem, or are there other people out there who have word-filled heads waiting to explode, or should I just hide away in a closet and pretend I never wrote this?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yippi Ti Yi Yo, Git Along Little Dogies

Well, it's time for the cliffhanger to be revealed...

Do ya'll remember the Riders in the Sky?

Big 10-Gallon hats (Silverbellies for you folks who are practice Cowboy Correctness.... like my Dad...), bright colored pearl-snaps designed with enough embroidery on the yokes that Roy Rogers would be put off, and ear-tickling tuneage that brings a smile to the face quicker than you can yodel?

Well, I know some guys who are just as good, only not as well known. And they're local to me! :)

This is a special post, so we'll have the late, great, Don LaFontaine do voiceovers for our introduction.

Just when you thought Cowboy Classic tunes had swept across to the Sweet By and By...

They have the shirts.

They have the guitars.

They have the vocals.

They have four guys, plus one more. And that makes five.

AND they have a really awesome fiddle. (Keep reading and you'll see it. Tease, I know.)

(So, Riders in the Sky, where's your Star Spangled spectacle of a fiddle? Where is it? Not there! Fantastic Fiddle FAIL! Na, na, na, naaaaa naaaaa.)

They are Prairie Moon.

A group of good old boys who have been singing together for many moons and love what they do.

Let's meet 'em. (and I'm "borryin" all these pictures from their site.)

First, there's Will. AKA My friend Carrie's Dad. He's the bass and the guy rocking that yellow shirt in the picture above. *Waves "Hiiiii Will!"*

Then, there is Dave with his fancy fiddling on his awesome American fiddle!

Looooove it! He can tear it up, too! David has a CD on their site of him playing hymns. It's really pretty, it would make a good gift or just something to listen to while you're having some quiet time around the house.

Okay, the rest of the guys are brothers. The Callaways.

And you tell me if they don't look like they could be related to Tommy Lee Jones.

To get the full extent of this, you're gonna have to go to their home page. These pictures just don't show it. It's just freaky to me on the resemblance factor. Maybe it's just me...

Here's Ron. He sings lead and picks and grins. He does have a mouth, which does make singing easier, but the mike is eating it.

Another Callaway... Here's Michael.

Check out that wild rag (aka bandanna) and that shirt! These are the guys that really follow the herd across the country, eatin' dust (you don't wanna know what's in that dust!), dining on chuckwagon vittles. These are the cowboy crooners that serenade the snoozing bovinians.

And here's Tim Callaway. Known as the Martin Man.

If you haven't heard the mellow, melodic music straight from someone who knows how to handle a Martin, you haven't heard proper guitar music. A Martin makes the sound smooth, soothing... like buttah, baby. Buttah. Buttah for the eardrums.

Okay, if you have kiddos who are into cowboys like I do.... (We live on a ranch, what do you expect?)

(Please completely ignore the fact that this picture is so old. *wiggles fingers, says magic words* You now have forgotten that this picture was taken in 2008. Oooga booga.)

Then you definitely need this music playing in the background during playtime.

This music evokes all sorts of characters from the small fries. We had the good guy (in the silverbelly hat), the bad guy (in the black felt hat), and the Phantom Cowboy who zipped in with a metal (gray plastic) mask topped with his own black hat. These cowboys camped by a campfire (logs brought in from outside and an orange construction paper flamed fire ringed with sandstones from outside), sang along, danced with stickhorses (brooms), and wanted more when the disc was through. I sang along, tried my hand at yodelling (let's keep that part a secret), and harmonized on the old classics, such as The Cowboy Song.

We were listening to their newest CD, Way Out West.

My personal favorite song on this CD is Moonlight on the Trail. I love the harmony in it. With the harmonica, you can see these guys sitting 'round a campfire, crooning after a rough day's work. The smell of cowboy beans flavored with chunks of salt-pork wafts through the air, cornbread's browning, soon to be done, in the cast-iron Dutch oven set up over the crackling fire. The sun has set and a red-streaked horizon of the earth's yawn as she claims night on this side. Propped up on their bedrolls, they begin to sing. Sing away the worries of the day, sing away pained shoulders, knees, or backsides from mercilessly slapping on a leather saddle. Sing away the troubles that have happened or might happen tomorrow. The damp, welcome smell of the horses (not road apples) tinged with the tang of wet leather....

Ah... life on the trail.

You just can't listen to this music with a bad attitude. It sends you back to times where watches weren't an extra extremity. Appointments weren't all that life was cracked up to be. And technology wasn't even a brain wave. Times when work was hard, living was harder, yet people were happier and more fullfilled.

Do me a favor and just hop on over to Listen to their stuff and tell me what you think. There's also some of their stuff on youtube, too, if you want to see them in action. And be sure and check out Will singing "Mission Bells." He has such a nice mellow sound.

My absolute favorite is Ghost Riders in the Sky. Love that song. Love Johnny Cash's version, love Prairie Moon's version. There's a more rock version, but I don't know who did it. Very cool song.

Go on and check 'em out! You know you'll want to yell "Yee haw!"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Can't Believe It's Wednesday Already!

Good grief! Where did it go? The week! The time! The sanity!

Uh... what sanity?

I hear there's this thing called Sleep, but I have yet to find it. I think it's as elusive as that thing called Sanity and A Peaceful Home Life. But I believe in miracles.

Well, I have hauled 8 bags out of my house. 1 bag went to my friend Julie. And the other bags were delivered to Goodwill Monday after #1's orthodontist appointment. One more month until he gets his braces off! Glory hallelujah! His teeth have made an extreme makeover in 6 months, Praise God!

Yesterday, my Mom, my offspring, and I went to a local outlet mall because I needed new *ahem* Boulder Holders and we found the fabulousness that is 79 cent ice cream cones at Brahms. (I am easily impressed)

We also met my friend Carrie's mom Mary at the mall. *waves at Mary* She was bombarded by little people who act like they've never seen another living person or been outside of the four walls of our home. Mary has a very soft voice and gentle countenance and she also has some sort of specialness about her that attracts kids like bees to flowers. She enchants them and I think if she said in her soft, gentle voice to go jump off a cliff, they'd be thrilled and honored to do so.

#3 had a massive meltdown and missed out on his treat. I hope he will get the message that fits don't pay. He really hasn't fallen apart like that in a while. Oh, the pride the mother of a screaming, kicking preschooler has! You could see it if she wasn't hiding her face.

I hope the complete randomness of this post hasn't put you off. I promise to write a decent post that will touch your Wild West side. Hmmm... Wild West Side Story... That creates an interesting picture...

Well, dust off your Stetson, pull out your chaps, and perk up your ears for the next post. ;) It'll make you wanna ring the triangle for the chuckwagon and whistle "Git Along Little Dogies" til the cows come home. Yee Haw!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Still Currently Decluttering

Okay, I don't know what it is, but I am finally seeing all the CRAP I have around the house and it's actually driving me crazy! I am taking uncounted bags to Goodwill, donating things to friends that I think might like them, and planning on dancing while I actually have room and time because all this MESS isn't ruling my life anymore! I am so ready for this mess to be gone and to have some peace from all this stuff running my life. I will be posting pictures. Soon.

Yesterday I...

-- Rearranged my pantry to where it actually made sense and is much easier to inventory.

-- Put cookbooks next to the oven! Whoda thunk it's where they'd need to be?!

-- Put paper plates in the cabinet next to the REAL plates instead of completely on the opposite end of the kitchen. *slaps forehead*

-- Cleaned out kids dresser and made labels using Microsoft Word and some clip art for the one who can't read. I mean, sometimes the 9 yr old is wearing the 3 yr old's pants! Couldn't he have noticed there was a slight length issue? Nope.

(We're kind of like Polly Pocket around here, everyone (childwise) is the same size around the waist and can wear the same underwear. It has happened and makes for some very interesting fashion mixes...)

(I will not be posting pictures of the labels since then you'd know that I really DID name my kids 1,2,& 3 and then you'd pick at me all the time and I would so be out of the running for Mother of the Year.)

--Cleaned out kids' closet. (Oh the things that were seen....)

--Gathered trash that was pretending to be things that needed to be kept (old magazines that we didn't like in the first place, things like that.)

-- Found 7 purses that I really didn't care for in the first place. Heading to Goodwill.


--Go through more kitchen items (platters that are never used, fancy doodads I just took because I thought it would hurt someone's feelings if I said no, multiples...)

--Go through some books. I know. I said it. I have too many books. That one pains me sorely, but it's true.

-- Go through some of JD's things incognito. (He grew up poor and likes having things, even though he doesn't use or LIKE them, its the security of it. It's getting scary in his closet.)

-- Organization of what is left.

--Organization of the office/craft room/music room. (hahahha yeah, right.)

--Decentification and prettying up of Master Bedroom and Bath. (Did I mention that I am severely decoration deficient? OH my.... you thought the dressing myself in like colors was bad, I am freakishly bad at decorating. In fact, anything that resembles "decorated and homey" was done by JD. He's got the eye. I got the... well, nothin.)

--AND the worst of the worst! Organizing and putting together PHOTO ALBUMS! 10 years worth. *Psycho music in background*

I am really hoping to knock some of these down this year. Maybe not all, but enough that I don't throw my hands up and scream anymore. I am really REALLY tired of having CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome... If this sounds like something you're suffering from, head to

More math: 5 people+ 1 house +1 person that picks up anything = Nothing Good.

Better math is:

5 people + 1 house + at least 4 people pitching in - LOTS & LOTS OF STUFF = Much Better.

Well, off to do some of that stuff and take pictures!

Are any of you guys doing this, too? If you are, I'd love to hear about what you're doing and how you're doing it!

Five Question Friday

Jmberrygirl over at Becoming Briggs is doing Five Question Friday, so I thought I would, too.

*pictures lemurs jumping off cliffs and everyone following...*

Hm. Well, so this isn't really THAT fatal, so I shall resume.

1) What's your "comfort food?"
Oh boy... well I love coffee, any time, any place, baby! Javajavajavajavajava...
I love breads... homemade wheat bread, slightly warmed with a little honey, tasty good.
And I love Spiced Tea, mmmm...orangey-lemony bliss that reaches the toes.
But comfort food as in "my life's falling down around me, what do I turn to?"
Good old, evil, evil chocolate.*watches Chocolate cackle sinisterly and rub hands together, gloating in knowledge another one bites the dust*
Chocolate chips, M&Ms, sorry fake chocolate from the kids' candy stashes from Halloween or Easter. It's all mine, buddy. Nothing's sacred. Valentine's Day is coming up, don't think I haven't been already planning where to stash my goods.
2) Do you send Thank You notes? (handwritten or email)
I love the art of the handwritten letter. My friend C and I used to write each other entire spirals of letters when we were little, then mail the spiral to each other.
I like how much more personal a handwritten letter or card is rather than an email. Not to bash emails or anything, but they lack the warmth of the thought that a person took time out of their day to sit down, put a pen to a specially picked paper, and think thoughts especially for you. It's special. It's a written piece of yourself.

3) If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?
Oh goodness... I sure wouldn't want it to be something new, that's for sure! CSI everyday for a month? Thank you, NO.
Hmm... I like the 50s, 60s, and 70s pretty well, so probably *snickers* Leave It To Beaver! Heh! Then I'll get to be June Cleaver! Love the clothes!
And the Brady Bunch looks kind of fun, too.
4. What is your favorite online recipe site?
Oh, Tasty Kitchen, totally! It's so perdy.
I also like some of the frugal places, Dining on A Dime is good, and ditto for Hillbilly Housewife.

5. If you had to choose: "Friends" or "Seinfeld"?
Friends. 30 minutes of Seinfeld is way more than enough for me. I would have to bean George Constanza if he were a real person and I came upon him during some massive bout of "Georgitis" in a public place. And Phoebe comes up with some zanier things that I have and that makes me feel MUCH better about myself.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clothing Confuddlement

Anyone else having this problem?

C'mon, 'fess up.

I am because I haven't learned this word


No to family giving things that don't really match "me."

No to things that I really want to take just so I don't tick people off. (Yes, I do that.)

No to things I really don't need, but the $0.36 price tag screams my name from across the store.

No to things that make me feel "flab" and not "fab."

And No to things that I will never get skinny enough to wear EVER again.

Ever. The End. Finito.

Bootay Never Shrinking Again To Fit In a Size 6 So Quit Yer Dreamin', Girlfriend.

(I'm not meaning all gloom and doom, never losing the weight, I mean, "not getting the prepreggers body back since things have *ahem* situated differently" Cause 10 lbs are gonna be gone, chickaroonies. True dat! *snap, snap, snap*)

So, I've been going through things.

Lots of things.

Lots and LOTs of things.

Take shirts.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I think I own half the shirt population in the world and what do I wear most of?

Stained up T-shirt style things.


Well, to my logical mind:

To not mess up the nice ones I have.

Yes, it's completely logical for me to have 306 (not really accurate number here, but I was too scared to count, honestly) church shirts to wear for approximately 2 hours a week.

Makes tons of sense.


AND it makes that much sense for my awesome husband of nearly 10 years to come home from his job of dealing with ingrates all day to a scuz-tastic wife.

"Yes, honey, I really love you loads and loads. That's why I try to look like a bum and haven't shaved in a month."

So, by golly, I'm getting rid of the Scuz-Wear and I'm going to start wearing some decent looking clothes.

Because my man's worth it.

Another thing about shirts: I have to get various sizes because I have shoulders like a linebacker. I have mega man shoulders. I have to wear Larges in button down to accomodate my Mr. T arms.

"I pity da foo who tries to weah my shirt. Yeah! Punk!"

Yeah. It's math related.

Mr. T shoulders + Boobs Differing in Size From Shoulders = Tents.

I pretty much have to try on all my shirts before I buy them. And with 3 boys, that's fun.

Fun = Hades.

So I buy most of them without trying them on beforehand. Because usually I know someone I can give it to. Lol... ask my Sister In Law.

Now for skirts.

Whoo whee! I didn't count them either. The shame would have ridden me to the grave.

I have 5 black skirts.


And I can't talk myself into culling a couple of them.

"But that one's full and cutesy, and I need the long spandexy one because it looks fancy. And I need a longer more casual one just because they made it. And I need to keep the other one because it might get lonely and not like it's new person as well as me...."

Yes, the logic.

SO I did wind up tossing one in the give pile. The same one I have tried to toss about 3 times and I have secretly eeked it back out of the Give sack and back into the closet.

"Weeeell, just because I feel like I can't breathe in it and look like I have eaten a couple of Goodyear Tires before I put it on doesn't mean that tomorrow I won't look like Angelina Jolie in it."

Oh, it's that darn Justy Fication again. She is SUCH a pill! She has such good intentions, but no sense at all and only when you re-hear what she has coddled you with in the past you realize it's lack of intellect. Bad, Justy, BAD!

I still have waaay too many skirts, though.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many.

But I'll try to worry about that later.

Dresses, not so much. I'm not really built for dresses anymore.

Mr. T shoulders+Booblessness+Barrel Belly+Happenin' Hips= Front Page of What NOT to Wear

I have a few dresses that I have that actually work for me, so I really don't look for dresses anymore. I KNOW about those.

Shoes, not too excessive, either, considering that I am female and alive. I do need a good pair of black loafers though. Mine are dying. I've had them since 2004 and wore them about 3 days a week for a year. They look great outside but have broken down inside. And I need a comfy pair of black short heels for cooler weather dressing up. But we'll look for those as it comes. I don't wear stilletos ever, kitten heels or wedges often. It brings up more math.

Alisha + High Heels = Finding ground very quickly + sore ankle and/or backside.

Not good.

Remember the super chunk shoes of the 90s? That was my shoe decade. I could have cute shoes and not fall down. I miss chunky shoes.

I have a confession to make.


I am fashion illiterate.

Completely without fashion sense at all.

Aaaat all.

I have to literally OK my Sunday Morning wardrobe with JD before we leave.
I'll get dressed and be getting the heathens ready and JD will come by and say
"Um, honey? Are you going to wear that? That doesn't really match."
"Well, the colors do!"
"Yes, but teal corderoy paisleys and teal puppies.... don't."
(this is an example, yet so close to the truth that I'm ashamed. Shhh... don't tell me I told you.)
We have had many Sunday mornings where I would be ready to rip his head off before church. JUST the right mindset you need to worship, ya know.
And it's always when I think I look good!
And I have a hard time separating "Modest 20-Something" and "Modest Nursing Home." My mom will buy me things that you can hear heading your way just so I don't look like I shop the Geritol Expressway. I am doing better. I haven't carried a cane in a few months.
Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, and I asked you and you told me you would:
Tell me about your closet.
Are you experiencing Closet Obesity?
Are you in need?
Do you go by fads or personal style when choosing your clothes?
Are you culling and giving now to start the New Year?
AND personal question: What the heck do you wear with gauchos? I have a brown pair that are amazingly comfy, but I have no idea what to put on top. Help!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Musings

Hm. It's Monday, just a plain ol' Monday.

Nothing exciting coming up this week.

No out of the ordinary plans to prepare for.

No company coming.

No nuthin.

*Hallelujah Chorus vibrates the air*

I don't know if I'm a scrooge or what, but I'm holidazed.

I'm ready for my routine to come back. My friend, Wendy is probably hooting it up because I emailed her right before Christmas tearing all the little hairs out of my head screaming


No, I just made that up. I have it together always. Allllllllllllllways.


*wipes tears*

Remember that "Queen Freaker-Outer" post for the New Years Resolutions? Yes.. that is me.

But I am ready to start school again. I'm finally seeing the ease of taking one step at a time and letting it play out rather than FORCING things to play out in my way, no flexibility, no way, no how. You'd think as a former gymnast I'd get the flexibility. I should stick my leg behind my head and kick myself a few times to jar the memory.

So, we're starting school back Wednesday. I've been cleaning and organizing the schoolroom again... not because I'm a clean freak or anything, but because another freak (#3) went and dumped several boardgames out in the closet. One of them being Deluxe Monopoly.

*shoots firey looks at #3*

BUT it's okay. No one was hurt. Yet.

And I have to give him some slack... get this.


*Hallelujah Chorus again* Gotta watch it or I'll wear out my angels.

Oh Mylanta! I thought this day wouldn't come. Makes me want to sing

"Jooooy to the world! My house doesn't smell!"

He hasn't had a "hide in the closet and poop my pants on purpose" *ahem* accident in a week.

I just about don't know what to do with myself!

Now he's just a candy Nazi. A non-smelling candy Nazi, glory be.

"Mom, I pooped in da potty. I need some candy." *very monotone with begging hand sticking out.*

"Mom, I thought about using the potty, I need some candy."

"Mom, we own a potty, I need some candy."

"Mom, I need candy for each potty that we own since I thought about using the potty... times 2. Yes, I listen to the others schoolwork." (we have 3 bathrooms... it's a good thing AND a bad thing with 3 boys.)

"Mom, potty, candy."

"Mom, I know that it's 3AM, but I went to the restroom and I would like my reward, if you don't mind. Then, I would like to crawl into bed with you and kick you out of your own bed and assault my father in his nether-regions while he's asleep, too. Just to show you how much I love you."

THAT really happened, minus the big words. Much appreciated. Can you say "stiff neck?" That was New Years Eve night.

Life with boys... what else can it bring? I say that as I cower.

No, when have I been one to let a challenge go?

"See that cliff, I bet you won't jump off it."

No, not really.... yet. Hey, I have to have some competitivity (See, Websters, I'm even making up new words! Beat that one!) to be the only ounce of estrogen in this establishment.

*pulls up pants, pops invisible suspenders, and gives the next challenge the stink eye*

Well, I gotta get... things to do just so they can be undone again in seconds and all that jazz.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Is It Over Yet?

Are the holidays over yet? Can routine come back?

I hear there's this thing going around called "sleep"... are any of you familiar with this? Personally, I think it's a myth. But I have hope I'll find it. Hopefully, soon. Please.... I'm begging.

This will tell you how fuzzy brained I am. We all went for traditional New Years lunch at my parents, you know where you eat all the stuff you have to hold your nose to swallow for the superstitions. I ate lots of cabbage for money, (cuz we be needin' some of that stuff about now) some black eyed peas for luck (which kicked in later, but I'll get to that in a bit), and the turkey and dressing which is to die for as usual. Thankee, Mom. :) So tired me, what do I do, FORGOT THE CAMERA!

*slaps forehead*


And it didn't help matters that I was enchanted by my cousin's absolutely beautiful baby girl!
And my baby fever had subsided, but has reflamed a new. Thanks to huge brown pools of perfection to drown in, adorable little dark hair topped with a pink bow, and something I have never had to mess with once, but am very curious... pink tights! And she had little Ugg boots with pompoms. *squeals Eeeeeeee!*

Thanks, Cuz. Thanks a lot.

So, what did I not get to take pictures of today?

1. the baby, of course!

2. the boys

3. Dad, T-Dawg, ShoeAnne, Cousin, Cousin's Wife playing 42

4. the amazing huge and alien looking moonrise and it's reflection on some of the remaining snow. It looked like a flame burning mysteriously in the black oblivion below the hill. (ooooo using my frilly words)

5. the dud fireworks that blew out our eardrums and made us smell all smoky
*sniff hair* Mmmmm smoked people.

6. stepping on one of those furniture nails that are on the legs of the couch that I stepped on BAREFOOT and about 1/2 of it went in my foot! Praise the Lord it was me and not one of the kiddos! And I only cried on the inside.

That's about the extent of the picture perfect things that me and my awesomeness missed.

Then after the cousins left, I was recruited to play 42.

I am not a good game player.In fact, if you're wanting to know what 42 is, I can't even tell you because that's how much I get it. Just Google it. The putting the whoozit on the whatzit and remembering the hooba dooba just doesn't come with what it took to make Alisha.

So, T-Dawg and I were on a team and Dad and ShoeAnne were the other guys.
What's sad is Dad, JD, T-Dawg, and I used to play most every Sunday about 4 years ago and I can't remember ANY OF IT!

*Psst! My brain is made of macaroni!*

So, we had to recap and somehow (I think it was the peas) T and I managed to win! *cackles* And I tossed out some King Kong hairbrained plays that made my partner squinch up his eyes and grunt and made my Dad rub his hands together gleefully under the table until we wound up winning.

There were accusations hurled. Ones about talking across the table, but that was refuted by T-Dawg saying he techinically wasn't talking across the table to me, but to Shoe-Anne, and since she wasn't *ahem* across the table, but on the edge of the table that the accusations didn't count. There were also comments made about how "if Alisha really knew what she was doing she'd be unbeatable" But since I'm nice, I'll let it slide. *adds Exlax to grocery list* Maybe they'd like some brownies! *Grins*

We will have to play again because I have to figure that dumaflatchel out. I will win, by George and next time I WILL know how. There's no fun if you can't gloat in the knowledge of the knowledge.

Did I mention we might be a little competitive?

Just a tad.

We had a blast. Bro #1 (The O-ster) didn't get to make it. He had to work and so did JD. But we saw him while he was stuffing his face with the delish. I hope he ate peas and lots of cabbage. Those peas worked well for me on the luck. :)

Well, Friends, here's to a fab new year heading to you, chock-ful of nuts.

No, that's not right.

Chock-ful of excitement, holy enlightenment, hubby enchantment, kiddie sentiment, and maybe some breath mints. I know I need em.

Happy New Year!