Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Face of Hormones

I have no idea what is going on with my face these days. I mean, since I was pregnant with Smee, I've got the face of a teenage boy. Minus the sporadic shaving. But I have a feeling those days are coming. **shudders**

The past 3 weeks or so I have had a smattering of spots on my face. And blackheads deluxe. Nice visual, I know, but I'm keepin' it real, people, keepin' it real. So I decided to do something I found on Pinterest: a DIY blackhead remover. I was excited. I had all the ingredients on hand so I had to do it IMMEDIATELY. I have no patience. NONE.

So I threw it all together..... Gel face wash, fine salt, and baking soda. Put it on my face gently with a cotton ball as it said. And started to wait the 5 minutes.

I then knew why it was a blackhead remover. Evidently, what they failed to mention in the Pinterest post was that there were tiny microscopic beings armed with flamethrowers raiding every pore. Cuz I was feeling it.

I don't think it would have felt worse if I just lit my face on fire.

So I'm trying to wash it off, throwing water all over the room and myself.

Still burning.

Rinse again.

Still burning.

Courtesy of Google Search

Rinse AGAIN..... very GENTLY pat dry.... and look very carefully in the mirror expecting to look like the Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt. I still had skin, but it was very nice and red. Like I'd been biatch-slapped by Medea. Oh and those pimples that have been giving me fits.... yeah, those were glowing like red traffic lights. AND .....



So I ran BACK to my Pinterest page and found a coconut oil cleanser I had pinned that day too. I had all those ingredients as well, threw it together and smeared it all over my face.

Instant relief.

My face still stung, but it was fading.

So I may still have blackheads, but at least I have found a nice, new, soothing coconut oil cream that I've now spread all over my body, too. And it makes me smell perdy! :) on Pinterest Pins.


This one is a YES!!!


  1. lol. i love this post!!!!

    I just gave you an award on my site. There's a meme that goes along with it. Please stop by! Also of

    1. Yay! Thank you, Pookie Locks!!!! I will get right on those awards! :)

  2. I also just gave you an award!

    1. Dang!!! I need to not check my blog on weekends more! It's awesome for my ego!!! YAY! Thank you, CJ!!! I'll get on my award posts. :)

  3. I pinned that post, and luckily talked to you before I tried it also. Because I basically just repin your life minus the homeschooling part. :)