Thursday, April 25, 2013

2 Awards, Part 1

So I hopped back online after the weekend to see I've been nominated for 2 blog awards! WHOA! Thank you, CJ Sullivan and Pookie Locks!!! I had intended to do both awards in one post, but then this post would have been 50 miles long. So I will do The Liebster Award first and then The Versatile Blogger Award tomorrow. :)

So let's see... how to make myself sound a lot more interesting than I am.....Hmmmm....

For the Liebster Award I'm supposed to divulge 11 facts about me AND answer her 11 questions. Eek! Let's go with the questions first.

  1. How long have you been blogging and what did you talk about the most in your first blog? I've been blogging since 2009 here, but "stalking" blogs since 2008. I've always blogged about family, our ever-changing life, and randomosity. 
  2. Have you ever met anyone of your online friends in real life? If so, how’d it go? If not, who would you like to meet & why? I HAVE met 3 of my online friends in real life and it was awesome! They were spectacular. Not Craigslist killers at all. You can read about that here. It was just back in March. 
  3. What’s been your most unusual job? Oh my... I haven't had a lot of jobs, honestly. Not jobby-job, grown-up jobs. I've pretty much been a SAHM for the duration of my grown-up life. My last job was definitely the most interesting. I was a Customer Service Rep in a call center. Never a dull moment, I'll say that. 
  4. Please read one of my blog posts then come back here and tell me your opinion on it. Was it funny? Happy? Sad? What did it make you feel?  Ok, Pookie Locks, I read your post on Oldies But Goodies 4, 10 Strange Things About Me. It CRACKED me up! Why? Because I can totally relate. No bra? Dude, that's like EVERYDAY. Iffin ya ain't got boobies (like me) they shouldn't have to be thrown in jail daily. And OH LORD... the vibrating cuke you got your mom? EEK! I have to go poke my third-eye out now. The things that can't be unseen! 
  5. If you could have 1 famous person follow you on twitter, who would it be and why? I have a HORRIBLE confession to make: I...... do not like Twitter. Probably because I don't understand Twitter. And character limitations? No. I have more to say than what Twitter allows. Do NOT limit me, you beast of the Internet!! I like to be wordy. It's me. As you can probably tell from this ginormous rant and my usual posts. I can't shut up! BUT if I WE'RE a Twitteraholic, I'd have to say, I'd want Sandra Bullock to follow me and tell me how awesome I am, how she wants to meet me and let our boys play together, and how she can't WAIT to play me in my movie of my life. :) I wouldn't blog anymore either because I'd die instantaneously of joy and shock.
  6. Who is the most important person to you in your life right now and why? My husband. He is always the most important person to me. He gave me my kids. He understands me. And he deals with my chronic shaving procrastination. He's an amazing man. And he's handsome and smells good, too! 
  7. What is your kryptonite? Chocolate? Relationships? What? Hmm... probably books. OMG. I am a bookaholic. First it was print books. Now I'm hoarding e-books. They're better. They take up lots less room on the floor and shelves. And probably coffee. I canNOT do without my coffee. And do NOT profane me by offering me de-caf. I will cut you.  
  8. Look on my about page and list one thing we have in common so that I can learn more about you. :) I can't dance to save my life, but I did start gymnastics when I was 2 and went to  Nationals in Power Tumbling when I was 14. And my first coach wanted me to train under Bela Karolyi when I was, oh, around 10. But... that didn't happen. And I've been tossing around the idea of an Etsy shop myself for a year or so. We shall see where that goes. :) And I sing my head off to Glee and other musicals. Loudly. And my children may or may not leave the room and shut the door. 
  9. If you could give one piece of advice either to a specific person or to the world, what would it be? I give this to everyone who is feeling weak and small: Don't underestimate yourself and don't hold out on your dreams. Even if you just TRY to go for it, at least you did that. And you can't fault yourself for trying. You might succeed. And do nice things. You never know what opening the door for someone, shooting a simple smile out, or doing anything you might overlook can do to someone else's outlook on life. Especially nowadays. ♥
  10. What’s your favorite movie & favorite book? That's a mean question! I never can narrow it down to just one of either. So let's put it like this... what can I pop in the DVD player and watch over and over and over.... That would have to be the Lord of the Rings series. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that series (and now the first installment of The Hobbit, too). I figure I'll have to eventually replace them. And favorite book.... gah. That's like telling me to choose my favorite child! I have several  (single books as well as series) I re-read nearly yearly, if not more. One is the Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier. Holy cow. I love those books. And Little Women. It's been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. And my herb books. Sigh. I can't choose just one. I'm a rule breaker. 
  11. What are you doing when you’re the happiest? Anything to help my family or friends. Cooking, singing, crafting.... I love that. And never discount quality time spent with people I love. If you haven't noticed, I kinda like to talk, but I like to listen, too. But the talking part probably distracts from that. If there's food, I do stop talking long enough to stuff my face. So there is a small hiatus in the blab.

    Okay.... my nominees in no particular order: 

    CJ Sullivan
    Must Love Mommyhood
    Needles and Pins
    Queen in a House of Blue
    Serenity Goddess

    And NOW for my questions. Muhahahhaa...

    1) What are your plans for 10 years down the road?

    2) Why did you start blogging? 

    3) Are you planning on changing things up on your blog or have you already?

    4) Do you have any favorite "secret" obsessions?

    5) What is something you'd like to learn more about or learn to do?

    6) What is something you've learned that empowers you when you're stuck in a rut?

    7) If you had the chance to meet someone (past or present) and ask them any question, who would it be and what would you ask them?

    8) If money were no concern, what would you do differently in your life? Splurge? Travel? Hire a nanny? Save the world?

    9) What's your favorite thing to shop for?

    10) What is your favorite thing about yourself? What thing bothers you most about yourself?

    11) If you had the chance to be your total opposite for a week, what do you think you'd learn? 


  1. Thanks for the award! This one will be fun to do! :-D

  2. "If there's food, I do stop talking long enough to stuff my face."

    LOLOL I love you.

  3. "Don't underestimate yourself" - I needed to read that. I used to be big into twitter. Now I rarely even log on....I hear ya. Surprised so many people are still tweeting!

  4. You just made my day! Thank you so much for the nomination. You rock! I have been having one of THOSE know, the kind where all three kids and myself came down with a cold...the youngest of said kids having asthma and has been up coughing all night for 6 nights straight. So your comment and nomination on my blog came when I was in serious need of a pick-me-up! Thanks so much!! Keep being awesome Manic Mama!! :)

    1. I'm so sorry you've been having a bad week!!! I hope your kiddos are feeling better soon. We had an excellent time of playing "GET ALL THE SICKIES!" this last winter. I'm ready for all the germs to go away.... farrr farrrr awaaaaaay!!!! I hope you are having a much better week. ♥