Thursday, March 14, 2013

What I Wish They'd Told Me About...... Adulthood

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I've decided to come up with a short series on here about things I wish I'd have had a tiny INKLING of what to expect on various subjects. I like to plan out how I'm going to plan something, pre-plan various outcomes that way I'm not surprised. Ironically, I LIKE surprises. Just not in everything. So welcome to What I Wish They'd Told Me About....


Ah.... you have finally reached 18, sacred age dreamed of by underagers all over. A child no more. Former Minor. Grown-up. ADULT.



**Fist pump**

And you're marching right along and all of a sudden *BOOM!* You......... are married. And about to become a mother. 


There I was listening to Alanis in my room, rockin' out, no worries other than what to wear to school the next day, why I really don't like those blonde chicks with all their designer clothes and noses up-to-there and WHAMMO!


Not the "leaving the parents cozy nest to traipse off to college." 

Packaged adulthood.
 Instant grown-up, just add wedding ring, husband, and baby. 
It's faster than most infomercials on late night crap TV.

Fast forward......... You have a house. 

You have bills. 

You have a husband who likes food. 


You don't know how to make food.

You don't know how to clean house.

You don't know how to grocery shop.

YOU don't even know how to drive.


(Imagine that nice vocal effect that sounds like you're shouting into a black hole.... cavernous, consuming, reverberating the fact of your lack of knowledge.) 

I wish I had known:

There isn't a little group of fairies that come in and clean house for you in the middle of the night. Unless you're on Harry Potter living in the Wizarding world. And man, there are days I TOTALLY wish I was. I wouldn't be mean to my house-elves. No way, no how.

How to cook. Poor JD. In the beginning, he was working full time, cooking, AND cleaning. Talk about making you feel microscopic. I owe that man BIG TIME.

You don't automatically KNOW everything. Psh. Wouldn't THAT have been nice to know! Why can't you just wake up on your 18th birthday with a snotty British accent and knowledge of everything grown-up?

It takes a LONG time before people think of you as an adult and take you seriously. I'm still waiting for the "take you seriously" part. But it doesn't bother me anymore. As much. *I* don't take me seriously. And there's a fine line between being taken seriously and going overboard the ship, Freak Out.

 These were just a few things I wish I'd have known before crossing that threshold in to Adulthood. What about you? What do YOU wish "THEY" had told you??? 

More to come when the series continues with "What I Wish They'd Told Me About........ Pregnancy."
(That one will be longer. I promise.)


  1. I wish they had told me how hard it would be to land a job...and how horrible and greedy some employers could be! (I'm not talking about my current employers but some others I've had to deal with.)

    1. Ugh. I hate jerky bosses. Makes me really understand that movie "Office Space."

  2. So cute.

    What I wish I knew? how wonderful it was, those moments of having NO ONE to worry about.

    I wish I would have enjoyed that more, and taken some BIG vacations.